Company mission

DM Technologies is a measurement and instrument company based in Krakow, Poland, specializing in development, manufacturing, and marketing of unique electronic equipment for science and technology.

A bit of history

The company was founded by a group of scientists operating at the interface between physics and electronics. Its foundation was triggered by the need for equipment unavailable at the market (Multichannel data acquisition system with absolute time precision). Years of experience in development of electronic devices in conjuction with hands-on laboratory experiments enabled us to develop a product addressing the demand.

Current stage

The success of the GPS-disciplined acquisition system, stimulated work on further products. Currently, we offer unique devices offering unique capabilities:
  • multi-channel data acquisition with high (sub-millivolt) resolution and great (sub-microsecond) absolute time precession – GPS-discipline Data Acquisition System,
  • 8-channel current sources with nanoampere stability and precession – Multi-channel Current Source,
  • programable finite-impulse-response digital filter, offering capabilities of narrowband filtering of electronic signals – Programmable Digital Filter.

Future goals

Many other, customer-inspired devices are current developed in our laboratories. Our goal is to develop products to meet ever-increasing demands of the market.