New, more-precise version of Multichannel Current Source available

Inspired by numerous requests of our customers, in Fall 2019, we have started working on a novel version of our Multichannel Current Source that would provide the ability to generate bipolar currents with nA resolution and unprecedented low noise. After several months of work and careful testing, Multichannel Current Source – Low Range was introduced in January 2010. The source enables independent generation of bipolar current in each of its 8 output channels in 0.4 mA or 4 mA that can be set with the step of 12.5 nA and 125 nA, respectively. The careful analysis, presented in Fig. 1, demonstrated operation with noise of 20 pA/√Hz at 10 Hz and about 2 pA /√Hz at 10 kHz. The real noise Multichannel Current Source is most probably significantly lower as nearly all characteristics at 0.4-mA range is consistent with internal noise of the testing device.

Fig. 1. Noise spectrum of Multichannel Current Source – Low Range at 0.4-mA range (blue), Multichannel Current Source at 40-mA range (yellow), and internal noise of the measurement device (green).

With such a performance our source may not only be a perfect solution for experiments in quantum metrology (e.g., atomic magnetometry), but also become a useful toll in measurements in solid-state physics or electronics (semiconductors).